ESWC2014 workshop
May 26, 2014

Services and Applications over Linked APIs and Data


Optimizing Linked Open Data for Maximized Reuse

by Pieter Colpaert

[Photo of Mike Amundsen]

The Linked Open Data (LOD) cloud is a growing blob of data that everyone is free to reuse in applications, mash-ups, articles or visualizations. Yet, today, we don’t see journalists using the LOD cloud for their articles, hackathons using the LOD cloud as the primary source of their data hacks, start-ups integrating the LOD cloud in their innovations or established companies consuming Linked Open Data in their products. The goal of data owners who want to publish their data as Open Data on the Web is however to maximize the reuse of this data. Is the return on investment for data owners of evolving towards Linked Open Data big enough?

Without knowing the answer to the question, we can work towards raising the return on investment by lowering the investment needed on the one hand and making it easier for data consumers to handle Linked Data on the other. In this talk we will divide the group of reusers in 3 tiers, we will discuss how each tier can interact with the data owner and how the architecture of LOD pilots can be optimized in order for the data owner to further maintain and use it.